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Posted By: Crystal
30-Aug-05 - 12:41 PM
Thread Name: Towersey 05 - Thoughts Of A First Timer
Subject: RE: Towersey 05 - Thoughts Of A First Timer
I got back a few hours ago (had to catch up on my sleep!)
I've been going to Towersey every year for the past 14 (since I was nine, plus a couple before that!) and I have to admit that this year felt to me weaker than it has been before. Very little on the line up really grabbed me, except Show of Hands and The Committee Band which is sad as I found myself getting a bit bored, I've pretty much decided to give it a miss next year. It was very family/young people orientated, which is good, given the number of families/ young people there, but I felt that there were a few too many workshops for muscisions and not enough for dancers and singers in the shooting roots session, but that is a niggle I've had every year!

Surely giving an artist a free ticket is a good thing! That way they have no reason to come, do their thing and buzz off again without getting to know what the punters want, just my view!

Stewards, well I'm a childrens festival steward and we have to put up with some terrible parents who get angry when they havn't read the program and turn up ten minutes after a workshop has started and find out that it is full. We give up our holiday to steward so don't get unplesant with us, it's usually not our fault and most of us tend to feel that if there is a problem we should stick to the rules, it means it is fair and dosn't jepordise our position.

Site 2/3 toilets: They definatly needed another set up at the top of site three! However the clenliness was an issue this year, mainly because apparently of the 6 bog squad stewards allotted to site 2/3 supposed to turn up only 1 actually did! He managed to rope in a friend, and I was helping out in the evenings, but two people is definatly NOT enough to look after the 8 blocks of toilets, and they were short of stewards so there wern't enough to go round. The clenliness wasn't helped by the fact that people were leaving all sorts of rubbish in the toilets and the stewards wern't given any rubber gloves. Oh and the toilet roll ran out so an emergency dash to Morrisons had to be made to get more!
Next year there is talk about getting toilets with bigger water tanks, which have been needed for years IMHO!

Anne, where were you camped? bottom of site two by any chance? If you where it could have been much worse last night (there is a story there!).

I'm going to try Beverly FF next year, anyone got any comments on that.