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30-Aug-05 - 03:28 PM
Thread Name: Towersey 05 - Thoughts Of A First Timer
Subject: RE: Towersey 05 - Thoughts Of A First Timer
Can't comment specifically on Towersey as I have never been but as a regular steward at a number of events, and for a time in charge of security at one festival I feel qualified to comment on "jobsworths".

Stewards are required to enforce health and safety regulations and licensing constraints. They do not have any leeway about these, if a venue has been filled to its licensed capacity then you can't come in. If you have parked in the emergency vehicle access then you you will be required to move. If the venue owner has specified as part of the hire contract that drinks may not be taken into the venue then you will be stopped from taking drinks into the venue.

Considering the number of arrogant dickheads among the great British public the one thing that continually amazes me is that I have never heard of a punter being hit by a folk festival steward.