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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
30-Aug-05 - 05:13 PM
Thread Name: Towersey 05 - Thoughts Of A First Timer
Subject: RE: Towersey 05 - Thoughts Of A First Timer
"There was a lot of feeling that this year the stewards had been told to be extra tight on the rules. There was a real farce with the fences going on."

What fences and where Paul? We had trouble with some locals trying to get back on site after 6.00pm (they have free showground tickets until then, they usually want to get into the beer tent as they're known as too young in the village pub) by sneaking under a fence, but I didn't hear of any other trouble.

As for the first part of the quoted comment - we were given no other instructions other than the usual info on band and day ticket access. At no point was I, as a steward, told to be extra tight on anything, just vigilant over unsociable behaviour.

As for what the professional stewarding team had been told, I cannot comment. I just know from chatting to their manager, that they were given roughly the same instructions as volunteer stewards but had the extra oomph of being able to call up several 'heavies' to ensure everyone had a good time and weren't unsociable.