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Posted By: Mrs_Annie
31-Aug-05 - 04:11 AM
Thread Name: Towersey 05 - Thoughts Of A First Timer
Subject: RE: Towersey 05 - Thoughts Of A First Timer
More comments from me.

I just want to say I didn't meet any obnoxious stewards. They were all friendly, pleasant and working hard. Without them there would be no festival. And considering the amount of people, they did really well with the toilets. Only once did I go in and there was no paper. And I always carry a tube of antiseptic hand gel for when you can't wash your hands (bad experiences at Trowbridge)

The camping definitely needs sorting out, I agree some people were taking up way too much space. The couple next to us had a fairly large tent AND a gazebo. And walking through site 1, some of the tents were HUGE. At Cambridge, they charge per size of tent, and they have stewards supervising people pitching to make sure they don't take up too much space. The problems have only been noticeable this year, maybe as was said, there weren't enough stewards available to keep an eye out.

Washing - all you need is a bowl and a kettle and it's so easy to wash in your tent.

Artists - around us camping were Chris Sherburn, Phil Beer, Jim Causley, Damien Barber, that's only the ones we noticed. And I thought Kate Rusby would just turn up on the Sunday, do her bit and go. But on Sat night, she was in the Arts Centre with some mates for T and Latouche, then on Monday she was dancing in the childrens tent, and watching the Chipolatas, just sitting on the grass along with everyone else.

The line up I thought was good this year. What drew us there were: John Dipper, Last Nights Fun, John McSherry, Karine Polwart, Dr Faustus, Jez Lowe. Other acts we really enjoyed were the Devils Interval, Crucible, Johnny Dickinson, James Reynard, Dana and Susan Robinson, Bayou Seco, Tre Martelli. And one special moment was Laurel Swift and John Dipper playing fiddle together in the Village Hall.

And that's not too mention lunchtimes at the pub. The beer and food are cheaper and the beer is much better than on site. And there's entertainment.

So all in all, we really enjoyed it, just sort out the camping.