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Posted By: johnp
29-Dec-99 - 05:34 PM
Thread Name: NZ's millenium responsibilities
Subject: RE: NZ's millenium responsibilities
Sorry Helen, yes it was a reworking of an old joke and you made my day by falling for it although I notice you are in Oz so that probablly explains everything. (Other readers, do no be alarmed, I am not being rude to Helen. This is the way New zealanders and Australians communicate.) Do not be alarmed. The Y2K bug has been over hyped by those in the computer business as a way of making an extra buck. But just in case, remember that there are a couple of gallons of good drinking water in the toilet cistern and lots more in the hot water cylinder although this will not be hot because the electricity will also fail. SHOWER BEFORE MIDNIGHT. Best wishes to you all