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Posted By: GUEST,Paul Mitchell
31-Aug-05 - 05:38 AM
Thread Name: Towersey 05 - Thoughts Of A First Timer
Subject: RE: Towersey 05 - Thoughts Of A First Timer

We were camping with the litter crew (as ever) in the car park area by the arts tent. Previous years has seen the route to the toilets in the adjacent field (not by the entrance) open, no problems there. This year there was a fence seperating the car park from the main camp site. The heras fence ran to a low barbed wire fence and was tied with string / cable ties, which were regularly cut through. Additionally, people walking from the arts centre were dismantling a link in the heras fencing to allow free passage. The result of the fence being up was, then, that it was being dismantled by paying punters, and the farmers fence was being traversed (it was very low). So the new large fencing created no additional security.....

....Unless you were a 5 year old kid wanting a pee. We really encourage our kids not to pee on bushes, or in car parks, we encourage them to use the toilets. So the fence made their travels difficult.

When the fence was moved and people kept opening it again, but in it's new position, the attention of secrutiy and stewards that had been apparent the days before disappeared. Again, it offered no additional security, but at least we could get to the most appropriate toilets.

The site seemed to have had an invaision of fencing. Walking routes to, in particular, the main concert tent, became limited by the removal of the normal route through the stalls area. This created a "pinch point" at the entrance of the concert tent much worse than previous years. I agree that this tent seemed less crowded than previous years to me, but the exit at the end of the evening was worse, even when additional fencing was removed. It just put more people into the pinch point sooner!

I was also advised by a steward that the fencing around the main concert tent was "fragile" and likely to collapse if a juggling ball hit it. So I didn't juggle. As I didn't want to endanger anyone's life.