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Posted By: freda underhill
31-Aug-05 - 09:13 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Limericks...know any good ones [15]
Subject: RE: BS: Limerics...know any good ones
A dentist, young Mr Malone,
Got a strapping young client alone,
And in his depravity
He filled the wrong cavity.
And he drilled her right down to the bone

There was a young women, Loretta
Who wore a merino wool sweater.
Three reasons she had:
To keep warm was not bad,
But the other two reasons were better.***

***Note: The other two reasons were: (1) to support the Australian economy; (2) to shun non-union apparel produced under the appalling sweat-shop work environments found in many other countries.

A nifty young jockey named Morse, eh,
Fell madly in love with his horse, eh.
His wife said, "you rapscallion,
That horse is a stallion.
This constitutes grounds for divorce, eh."