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Posted By: GUEST
01-Sep-05 - 12:03 PM
Thread Name: Aftermath
Subject: RE: Aftermath
Yesterday I saw convoys of utility trucks going by heading South. It made me cry.

And think of the times they come from other places to here to NC when we need help.

On my morning run I was reflecting on hurricanes I've known: Hugo in Charleston, Fran and Floyd here. I was so overwhelmed by the help recieved in Charleston: right on time.

So, I'm thinking, now it's our turn to help. Expert rescuers and workers are flocking down there now, well-needed and will be put to work. There is nothing for people like me to do there now but get in the way. But later, later, there will still be plenty of work to be done, and people in terrible need. You may or may not know that it took YEARS to get things in order for people in Eastern NC after the flooding.

What can we do? Many people will find an way to help through their church, school, community somehow. Some can just send money now.

But here's this music community. Hmmmm. Seems like there are some musical debts owed in the region so badly hurt. So what about us?

What if in a couple of months, some of us carpooled or caravanned down and spent a few days working. Gives plenty of time to be in touch with people there to see what can be done, and to organize resources and a project to focus on.


What do you all think?