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Posted By: Áine
29-Dec-99 - 10:20 PM
Thread Name: Healing Circle, please --
Subject: RE: Healing Circle, please --
Dear J.U. and Wanda,

Here's a little visualization for y'all in the coming days:

Picture all the Mudcats and Mudkittens here, and all your friends and family, dressed up as cheerleaders, jumping up and down (yea, even the pot-bellied, bearded guys!), waving their pom-pons, screaming their heads off, tumbling and doing splits on the sidelines of a huge football field.

Now, there's Wanda at the 3 yard line, handing off the ball to J.U. for a field goal -- He takes a few steps forward, holds the ball in front him, sweeps back his leg for the kick of LIFEtime and plants a firm toe on the ball. It sails past the 20, it sails past the 50 -- ladies and gentlemen, it keep on going!! It's going, going, gone -- over the post at the other end of the field!! And that's the game, ladies and gentlemen -- J.U. and Wanda WIN!!!

Keeping you in our prayers and thoughts, Áine