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Posted By: CeltArctic
29-Dec-99 - 11:52 PM
Thread Name: Info Request: Down in the Willow Garden
Subject: Info Request: Down in the Willow Garden
Hi guys,

After a long absence, I once again feel the need to seek the imput and infinite knowledge of my friends on the Mudcat.

I recently came across a rendition of this song on a compilation CD of Bluegrass music. I recognized the song, which was called simply, "The Willow Garden" on the CD, as the one Holly Hunter sings in Raising Arizona. I found the lyrics easily enough in the Digitrad, but I was wondering if anyone knows any more about the song.

It seems as if this is a fragment of a longer ballad (not that I mind that at all.) It is similar in storyline to the Pretty Polly songs, except for the reference to the murderer's father.

Has anyone come across more verses, or different verses?

I can't get the tune out of my head, which means I am destined to learn this ballad, but I'd like more info than what I currently have before I do.

Much appreciated,

Moira Cameron Yellowknife, NT.