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30-Dec-99 - 04:01 AM
Thread Name: NZ's millenium responsibilities
Subject: RE: NZ's millenium responsibilities
NZ admits to nothing except holding the ugliest trophy ever constructed and vowing to retain the thing for another few years. Ana, I researched your contributions and am now in a position to advise re demure dress for your New Year party.Something in velvet and cheesecloth OVER some serious jeans. In that way you will be able to conduct the requested test and satisfy your instinct for the demure. Sorry I cant help with the viagra test. I use Win 95 on an IBM compatable and I dont think Viagra is an application that my setup would handle. Is there an updated version ...viagra 2000? A fine Hogmanay with lots of Irish, Scot and assorted folkies between Wairoa and Napier means that I can help no further and even my cellphone will be out of range so best of luck to you all as we descend into the new dark..........(cont. on page 94)