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Posted By: Skipjack
30-Dec-99 - 05:12 AM
Thread Name: NZ's millenium responsibilities
Subject: RE: NZ's millenium responsibilities
I heard on good 'ol Radio 4 (BBC) there's a move afoot to establish GET. Yup, that's Greenwich Electronic Time, son, and exactly the same thing as GMT. I have to admit it was a bunch of egghead Europhiles that have been cooking it up, but it is a start to address the date/time stamp on e-transactions, etc. that has apparently plagued cash transfers and that sort of thing.

I don't think the Septics are going to take kindly to having NYMT hijacked, and who knows, we'll probably settle on that meridian, but, to get to the point, when exactly is the turn of the e-millenium?