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Posted By: mg
04-Sep-05 - 09:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: the only send money syndrome
Subject: RE: BS: the only send money syndrome
In the Seattle area I would call Deseret..they have something in Shoreline I think. When in doubt, call the Mormons who plan for this type of thing.

Anyone who is in any political patronage position and has screwed things up needs to go right now. I heard the present FEMA director and was not impressed and saw a previous one and was impressed.

If, and only if, the people do not harm or kill the rescuers, there are lots and lots of people who could help and don't need to be Natinoal Guard. Nurses and Red Cross workers and others from Vietnam lists I am on are begging to be told where to go. VVA could mobilize thousands and thousands of still fairly strong people.   I tell you, if i was a football coach down south having strong young men building up muscle by pushing those things across teh fields..I'd say forget it..we are heading south to build muscles the old-fashioned way by accomplishing something with it.

This is my other rant..we absolutely must respect and train the young men of our country..yes..even more in these situations than young women..we can't have them drugged out, knocking over old women to get on the buses etc. (I haven't seen that) or God forbid, raping and pillaging. I am certainly not talking about liberating food for survival, and i am not talking about taking TVs..that can be dealt with with stiff public service sentences...but the very lifeline of america and any country is its young men...they will be the ones punching out the attic windows looking for whatever....and they need to be given opportunities..after hopefully a quick criminal go back and help in the rescue efforts or they will forever feel inferior and ashamed..or let's hope they do unless we are that far gone that they don't. But they have always rallyed and they will again. mg