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Posted By: mg
04-Sep-05 - 09:30 PM
Thread Name: Tabasco Sauce, Avery Isle, is it there?
Subject: RE: Tabasco Sauce, Avery Isle, is it there?
Good. The tabasco sauce company has helped out a lot of people..

And if I were a PR person for Pepsi, Coke, veggi burgers etc..I would have been down there so fast and made a commercial..not to exploit the suffering but to relieve it...think how good a cold coke or dr. pepper would be after days in the sun..think of if the Oscar Meyer wEINER Truck or Ronald McDonald showed up near a shelter somewhere...these companies could do this tastefully and in a helpful and non-exploitive way but I in my limited watching of the news about this don't believe i have seen anything....and I don't begrudge them ultimately making a profit either ..not from the victims but the rest of us who appreciate their efforts... mg