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Posted By: JedMarum
30-Dec-99 - 11:02 AM
Thread Name: Confession: I stabbed George Harrison
Subject: RE: Confession: I stabbed George Harrison
Gern - I disagree with you. I do not share blame in this tragic event. Like you, I have held George and the Beatles in high regard for their musical contribution - and for the catalyst affect they had on a changing social consciousness - but I never idolized them, I never cast them into a glass cage, and I never felt ownership over their existence. I understand that these possessive behaviours you ascribe to all of us, individually - can be attributed to a the 'mob' psyche, from some perspectives - but it cannot be applied to all collectively and certainly far from he truth in most cases.

This sad event causes pain in the hearts of all his 'fans' - and that, indeed is probably part of the would-be assailant's motivation. I understand the pain you feel for George, and hence your strong statements - but I, for one, am willing to absolve you of guilt in this matter. I suspect most of us here will feel the same way.