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Posted By: Uncle_DaveO
05-Sep-05 - 01:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: Abuse of words
Subject: RE: BS: Abuse of words
According to Little Hawk:

"shot on sight"

Well, it's not too easy to shoot someone who is not in sight is it? Except with long range artillery, I suppose...

LH, you need to recognize the difference between "on sight" and "in sight".

"Shot on sight" refers to the time or circumstances of shooting--that is, as soon as the target is seen, without argument or delay.

Then one of my own pet word-peeves is "epicenter". It's often used as if it means "the center" or "the middle", or even "the source", and that's wrong.

"Epicenter" is a technical word, and means (as we usually see it properly used, with regard to earthquakes) "the spot on the surface of the earth ABOVE the center of the earthquake" (which is somewhere down below).

Dave Oesterreich