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Posted By: GUEST,DB
05-Sep-05 - 02:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Abuse of words
Subject: RE: BS: Abuse of words
Phrases/words I hate:

'Saving/costing the Earth' - the human race has little power to save or destroy the planet, but we can make it uninhabitable! Then, when we're gone, in a couple of million years, it will recover and carry on as though we never existed. 'Crimes against nature' are crimes against our species - why does no-one seem to understand that?

'Collateral damage' - a noxious term meaning the wanton or negligent slaughter of innocent civilians.

'Centre of Excellence' - Usually means all presentation and no substance. I usually substitute the word 'crap' for 'excellence'.

'Centre' - a word usually meaning 'shop' - somewhere there must be a 'Central Centre Managers' Training Centre' - where, presumably, candidates can be taught how to revolve in circles.