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Posted By: HuwG
06-Sep-05 - 02:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Abuse of words
Subject: RE: BS: Abuse of words
The actual location or focus of an earthquake is the hypocentre. As Uncle_DaveO correctly says, the epicentre is the location on the earth's surface above the hypocentre.

Note that in most cases, the hypocentre and epicentre are not points, but linear zones. (In the case of the Boxing Day tsunami, the earthquake which caused the tsunami resulted from the slip of a fault almost 200 miles long. That didn't stop all UK TV channels from giving us maps of the Indian Ocean with a neat circular bullseye drawn north of Sumatra.)

According to UK tabloids, every newsworthy infectious agent (e.g. necrotising faciitis or MRSA) is a "killer virus", be it bacterium, protozoal parasite or member of the class rickettsiae. Well, I suppose you can fit VIRUS!!! in "end of the world" typeface onto a tabloid newspaper, where "protozoal parasite" would not only crowd the page but also go several feet over the readers' (?) heads.