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Posted By: GUEST,Larry K
07-Sep-05 - 03:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rush Limbaugh blames Katrina's victims
Subject: RE: BS: Rush Limbaugh blames Katrina's victims
1. I just read that Rush is doing a broadway show next week to benefit Katrina victims.   They are shutting down "lion king" which rush said will upset animal rights fans.   Tickets are $77 each.   I would urge mudcatters to attend (they might learn something) but I suspect that most cannot afford the $77 ticket.

2.   Mr. Ted- what part of FACT don't you understand?   If you have evidence that what I said was incorrect than bring it to the table. Otherwise, you make yourself look foolish.   (hint- the hurricane data is from the national hurricane center website.   You may want to check it out yourself before calling me a liar about that)

3. You have to do something "right" to get 20 million listeners.   Just ask Mario Como, Jim Hightower, Air America or any other failed liberal radio show.   According to talker magazine the number 1,2,3, 6, 8, 9,and 11 talk shows are conservatives.   The highest rated liberal is Tom Leykis at 24 but even he calls his show "guy talk"

4. The right has a reputation for racism- Key work is reputation. That is propagated by the media and race hustlers for political gain.   As more Aftican Americans move to the middle class, the less they stay in the democratic party.   The only ku klux klam grand master in the senate is a democrat.

5. The republicans were in charge- The Mayor was a democrat.   The governor was a democrat.   Senator Landrueax id a democrats.   If there was a republican in charge there would be thousands less dead in New Orleans. (IMHO)

6. FACT- Kyoto was first turned down in 1988 by Bill Clinton. SHAZAM. Another myth broken. (to be taken seriously outside the mudcat forum you can't just sprout brain dead partisan propaganda although that does work well in Mudcat)

7. Republicans don't care about pour people-   I heard an african american on Bill Bennett this morning who stated it more eloquently than anyone else I heard.   Black people believe governement is required to take care of them and they wait for that to happen.   That is why they stayed in New Orleans and waited for government to take care of them.   According to the caller who has relatives in New Orleans- "anyone with an sat score over 1,000 got out of there" His relatives were in Houston by Saturday.   Republicans beleieve to get goverment out of the way and let people have the freedom to take care of themselves.   I believe that is far more passionate that keeping them on welfare for the rest of their lives.

Rush is doing a benefit that will raise millions for Katrina Victims. George Steinbrenner was the first baseball owner that gave 1 million.   I would suspect that the majority of the 500 million that was donated by americans were from red states.   The top 25 states in the country for charity per capita were ALL RED STATES.   Liberals talk compassion, but don't walk the walk. In charity given, they give the least.   (yes there are exeptions- I'm talking macro) To say that republicans don't care about poor people is just more left rhetoic and the reason you can't win an election.

All the best as well.   

PS-   lets be rational on both sides.   I have been on record strongly criticizing bush for border security, spending, and many other issues.   I also stated in a thread that he was 24 hours late and there was no excuse for that. To ignore the failures of the mayor and governor loses credibility.