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Posted By: GUEST,Ron Davies
07-Sep-05 - 11:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rush Limbaugh blames Katrina's victims
Subject: RE: BS: Rush Limbaugh blames Katrina's victims

Again, I have no time--- (you'll be crushed to learn)--, so I can now only address one of your gems from Rush. It would be refreshing if you would for once put your brain in gear before regurgitating "Rush-isms." I'm truly sorry if doing so would violate the creed of the Bush apologist- (I wouldn't want to injure your ego by labelling you a "Bushite".

At any rate, environmentalists are the villains of the piece in the Katarina disaster, eh? Certainly an imaginative idea, congratulations.

However, according to the Wall St Journal ---(very sorry it's not the Daily Kos or a letter from Michael Moore, to confirm one of your other smears)--, in fact the wetlands near New Orleans will have to be restored, as part of future flood defense. And who has been pushing for this for years, if not decades? Why it's those villainous environmentalists.

Sleep well.