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Posted By: Ana
30-Dec-99 - 08:19 PM
Thread Name: NZ's millenium responsibilities
Subject: RE: NZ's millenium responsibilities
Well I'm pleased to see that I'm not going to be overloaded with responsibilities tonight - the weather is apparently going to be in Clement (anyone know where that is?). Maybe I will wear my jeans - it's been a long time since they fell off, so it could be a novel experience. Johnb, you've obviously been doing a bit of sussing (spooky). I actually gave up wearing cheese cloth when the commune used my garments for straining the crabapple juice (for jelly of course). I didn't mind that so much as the fact that they didn't get a proper rinsing (it was a drought and the river was a bit low) and I ended up looking like a road kill when I re-wore them. They also had fermented, but that's another story. Now LTS, wash your mouth out "move into the 20th Century"!!! I'll have you know I moved into the 90's quite recently - I now have a washing machine and can agitate to my hearts content. In fact it makes a lovely background effect to some of the mood songs I like to sing - some parts of the cycle are reminiscent of a drone, and others of my rainstick, and its throb.. no that's enough secrets for now. The time is now 2.20pm on Friday the 31 Dec 99!! Ana