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Posted By: Donuel
08-Sep-05 - 06:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: Karl Rove v. Hillary on Katrina...
Subject: RE: BS: Karl Rove v. Hillary on Katrina...
Where does it end??? An accidental firing of a nuclear weapon on a population center in a blue state...

Funny you should say that. We have had many broken arrows (lost nukes from crashes or other reasons) But we did in fact have a silo nuclear missle explode and launch the nuke haphazardly several miles from the silo. It happened in a rural "red" state about 20 years ago.

The way I hear it, it was not Bush who bungled anything but rather a faceless beauracracy achieved results that were unacceptable.

The media was handled and embedded so well for the Iraq war that many people bought into the whole success fiction. Not so for the Southern coast disaster.

The most salient points that mudcaters have pointed out in our discussions, pictures and songs are being addressed by the media at large.

I believe the next Great National Realization will be coming soon.

It will be the realization that no matter how unimaginable the scope and extent of the hurricaine disater in lost lives, property and money
really sinks in the minds of average Americans... it will still dwarf the cost in money, national debt, and lives lost in our hasty and ill concieved Iraq invasion.

My math may be "fuzzy" but the $250 billion borrowed to wage the Iraq war is expected to balloon well over $400 billion. The estimates for the cost of Katrina now stands at $50 billion.