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Posted By: Dead Horse
10-Sep-05 - 08:36 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Boney Was a Warrior (chantey)
Subject: ADD Version: Boney Was a Warrior
Ive always had a bug up me ass. Its just that as I gits older, it peaks out now and agin!
You axed fer it Dick, so here goes..


Boney was a warrior, way hey ya
A warrior a terrier, John Francois.

Boney went ta school in France,
He learned ta make them Rooshians dance.

For Boney fought the Rooshians,
The Oostrians & Prooshians.

Boney marched on Moscow,
He lost his army in the snow.

Moscow was a blazin,
He had ta turn around agin.

We met him in Trafalgar Bay,
Carried his top-mast away.

Boney went to Elbow,
There he got an overthrow.

Boney marched to Waterloo,
The big-nose Duke, he put him thru.

He beat the Prooshians fairly,
He beat the English, nearly.

He met the Duke of Wellington,
That day his downfall had begun.

Boney went a cruisi-in,
Aboard the Billy Ruffi-in.

Boney went to Saint Helen,
He never did come back again.

They put poison in his food,
Didn't do him any good.

Boney broke his heart and died,
In Corsica he wished he'd stayed.

For Boney was a Corsican,
A rortin snortin Corsican.

Boney was a general,
A randy dandy general.

There are more verses, but I tend to stick with the ones that tell the story in chronological order.
Now then, what about the froggy version, huh?