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Posted By: Roberto
11-Sep-05 - 03:28 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Earl Richard (#68, from Rod Paterson)
Subject: Lyr Add: EARL RICHARD (#68, from Rod Paterson)
Earl Richard (Child #68)
Rod Paterson, Up-To-Date, 2 albums on 1 cd (Two Hats, 1987, and Smiling Waved Goodbye*, 1988), Greentrax CDTRAX 197.

The main problems are in the 5th stanza. I hear "she stooped", but "he" would make sense. She had a penknife: but it is noit exactly what I hear. Please, help. Thank you. R

Earl Richard is a hunting gane
As fast as he could ride
His hunting horn hung aboot his neck
And a short sword by his side

When he cam tae my lady's gate
He's tirled at the pin
And wha so fain (?) as she hersel'
To rise and let him in

Oh light, oh light, Earl Richard - she says
Oh light and stay a' night
Ye shall have cheer with charcoal clear
And the candles burning bright

I winna light, no I canna light
No I winna light at all
For a fairer maid than ten of ye
Is a-waiting in my hall

He (?) stooped doon fae aff his steed
And kissed her cherry cheek
She (?) had a penknife in her hand
And wounded him sae deep

Oh lie you there, Earl Richard – she says
Oh lie you there 'til morn
And a fairer maid than ten of me
Will await your coming lang

She's called her servants ain by ain
And called them twa by twa
I hae a dead man in my bower
And I wish he were awa

Ain has taen him by the hand
And the other by the feet
And the deepest well in Clyde water
It made his winding sheet

Then up and spake a wee, wee bird
That sat upon a tree:
Gae hame, gae hame you false lady
And pay your maids the fee

Come doon, come doon, my bonny bird
O come you doon to me
I hae a cage of the beaten gold
And I'll gie it to thee

O gae hame, gae hame, you false lady
And pay your maids the fee
As you hae done to Earl Richard
So wad you dae tae me

Gin I had an arrow in my hand
And a bow bent on a string
I'd shoot a dart at yoor pride heart
All in the leaves sae green