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Posted By: Mark Cohen
13-Sep-05 - 01:26 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: Bushie Was a Warrior
Subject: Song Challenge: Bushie Was a Warrior
On Saturday at the San Francisco Festival of the Sea I heard at least three or four versions of "Boney Was a Warrior," and there's a current thread about the song. So this popped into my head, and rather than try to come up with fifteen or twenty verses on my own, I thought I'd troll a couple and see what bites. Feel free to process, twist, mangle, steal, whatever.


Bushie was a warrior
Way, hey, yah!
An anti-terror worrier
George Dub-yah!

He went to Yale for drink-eye-in'
He wasn't much for think-eye-in'

Well Bushie was his Daddy's boy
The State of Texas was his toy

His Daddy fought the Roosh-eye-ans
But George pissed off the Proosh-eye-ans

The hurricane was threatenin'
But Bushie was vacationin'

Well New Orleans was in a fix
So Bushie played some guitar licks

And so on...
Obviously I've left out some the election, and Iraq, and Cheney, and Halliburton, and the Saudis, and Condoleeza Rice, and Mission Accomplished, and...

Have fun!