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Posted By: Little Hawk
13-Sep-05 - 08:56 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: I'll Bet You're Sorry Now, Tokyo Rose
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: I'll Bet You're Sorry Now, Tokyo Rose
And that is not surprising, Art. If her side had won, she would have been hailed afterward as a heroine of humanity, and there'd probably be some Japanese song praising her.

Marlene Dietrich did USO shows for the Allies in WWII. What would have happened to her reputation had the Germans won the war? And what is the essential difference? You do know that the "good guys" are the ones who win a war, right? After all, they get to gloat when it's over, and they get to write the history books, and imprison and execute some of the losers, and occupy the land, and they get to annihilate the other people's cities and sink all their ships and tear down their statues, don't they? Who else but "good guys" could possibly have the moral right to do such things?

(bit of sarcasm there...)