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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
15-Sep-05 - 01:12 AM
Thread Name: Jimmy Page- Plagiarist of the Blues?
Subject: RE: Jimmy Page- Plagiarist of the Blues?
Well. Maybe Jimmy was simply paying tribute to the music of men he admired very much. Page was and is a student of the blues. He is certainly shown to have borrowed phrases and segments of entire songs from the pioneers. Wouldn't it have been an even greater tribute to assign their authorship and pay some small portion of the profit he derived from borrowing their intellectual property? It speaks volumes about his ethics, don't you think? The fact that he had to be sued in order to do the right thing says even more.
Personally I have always liked Zeppelin, and I think Page is one of the great rock guitarists. But I have to say that I think there is a difference between the kind of borrowing that goes on as part of the folk tradition, and what Page did. Page was not ignorant of his sources, as the article clearly points out.