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Posted By: Barry Finn
15-Sep-05 - 04:02 PM
Thread Name: Folk Artists - Wise up (or Fade away)!
Subject: RE: Folk Artists - Wise up (or Fade away)!
Hi Tam

If you're using sheets to help you get a jump start before diving in or to plug up a gap or two or three you fear will come up that's fine IMHO but to sing at a professional gig knowing you don't know the song before you sing it & you're gonna read from a book you ot'a save your self some energy & bring a cd with you & lip sync instruments & voice & all else you would save the audience some money & while you're at it edit in their applause & it'll be a great practice session to be held by all. Providing that there are those willing to pay. Another option would be to have every one bring in the bible "Rise Up Singing", that way every body gets a chance to sing along from books.

Sorry if I'm a bit harsh here but I personally really enjoy hearing music by a person or group who can play &/or sing their stuff like love it & they knew it well. If I want to hear a story being read to me I'll go to a local library during circle time. If I'm gonna really have to pay give me the respect & really play, I don't deserve the act.

This may be a topic for a seperate or a prior thread? Sorry if I caused a bit of thread creep.