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Posted By: Barry Finn
15-Sep-05 - 06:00 PM
Thread Name: Folk Artists - Wise up (or Fade away)!
Subject: RE: Folk Artists - Wise up (or Fade away)!
Thank you Jeri & Ron

Touchy subject matter, eh?

"Blow it out my face"? Uncalled for.

The few times I've painted houses, you did refere to painting your house, didn't you, I've tried like hell (my old farm & my present home included) to do a "professional" job so as not to grow tired with it over the yrs. Pretty much the same when it comes to being a pro, no? Don't worry I won't be asking you for a paint job. You may expect some similarities between jobs but don't go around the world, country, region or county repeating your self. You end up with a bunch of boring housing developments. Change up a bit on your landscape, design or architecture or the presentation or style, try appeal &/or customize a tiny bit in your world & ours, try to sing as if you want the paying public (like Jeri) to say "I've heard them do that before & I can't help it but I love the way they do that & along with some of the other stuff they do" not "what a bore, that's the last time I go to hear them". You're right, there is a big difference on the road or pushing a CD. Most of those that can tour successfully, hone their craft to a point where they can repeat & know when they can repeat & already have enough material to chose from when they feel they should, yet they also are aware enough to still stay fresh at all the different venues & places all the while knowing how & when to satisfy the tastes of those willing to pay.

"Or YOU try getting up in front of an audience several times a month with all new songs" that's uncalled for. Seeing as you asked though I have sung at different festivals along the New England sea coast over the yrs solo & with my partner Neil as Finn & Haddie. I/we didn't & still don't actively seek gigs & have no intentions of earning a living from performing but over the past 20 odd yrs we/me have 'always' tried to give 110% to those that we/ve joined or have joined us or for those that have ask us & hope I/we've done well enough to be considered worth while hearing again. I'm not one of those big time perfomers that you refere to & most likey will never be. I am happy with what I can do & give others & I don't give a care if I don't get the same back in return but I still do feel as if I've gotten far more than I'll ever be able to give in return. I love listening to beginers, amateurs, greats & pro's there's alway's something worth hearing or sharing & ya never know what you may hear in the future from a newbie who you may have incouraged some where along, that's better than..... It's just that I expect more from a pro whose asking me for money.

About hearing Oddetta. I did not say " on the previous two occasions", from my mid teens back in the 60's I grew up hearing her at Newport, at concerts or local clubs & coffeehouses she was always my hero. You have no need to attack me personally, please if you don't agree with my opinions please attack my constructive criticisms instead, you'd find me much more opened to that.

Start another thread if you'd care to continue.