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Posted By: wysiwyg
16-Sep-05 - 09:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: Katrina Kamps
Subject: BS: Katrina Kamps
I heard some of the displaced have been housed in trailers and Nat'l Guard barracks. I think I have a brighter idea. Maybe we can flesh it out.

A partnership with gummint, biz community, Red Cross, and the Boy Scouts. Send the displaced to state park campgrounds. The parks have sanitation, playgrounds gathering spaces, and staff in position equipped to handle full campgrounds-- and at this time of year the camps are nearly empty but it IS warm enough in many states for camping.

Local camping supply folks supply gear. Scouts supply know-how, one scout per campsite as daytime liaison. Horseback riders (or ATV clubs) trailer over for the day for the durationm, for mobile patrol to see if folks need help. Scouts cook group-style the first week till people have a clue how to camp.

Red Cross sends volunteers to cover health, mental health, logistics, etc., and does admin-- it's just a creative shelter and they know how to run shelters. Food and essentials supplied by local churches, individuals, and businesses. Displaced people have a great time.

Git 'her done!