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Posted By: Barry Finn
17-Sep-05 - 03:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Greater Federal Authority?
Subject: RE: BS: Greater Federal Authority?
Hey Joe, how r ya?

Listen Joe I've plenty of experience in construction & construction inspection. Do ya think I could get a job with FEMA & they could save me. Joe mostly I'd agree. The people in the field are the hands on experts they do the job. With out them it's all just wasted hot air. On the flip side they also are the field experts at knowing will not work while trying to get the job done. Policy & politics are not their tools of the trade. They also know who at the helm they can trust to partner up with them. When the rot at the top just hasn't got the talent it takes or the know how, the backbone & the back up or the intelligence then in the end & at the bottom the efforts just all go to shit. From the top, Bush to Brown & right on down, is overloaded with unqualified know it all's. Fix that problem & half the job has already been done. It's like the landscape architect telling the mason how to lay block wall & the mason telling the architect how to design a bridge & so the brickie can push him off & complete his job without further delay. More control in the hands of power thirsty is just another blueprint for disaster.