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Posted By: chico
18-Sep-05 - 04:38 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Songs from HMS Pinafore
Subject: Lyr Add: HMS Pinafore 'A Maiden Fair to See'

(high g g g d d# a; low g g g c# d g) (G G° A, G G° B°|G/D G)
    C                         F°             C (trill a g)
The Nightingale sighed for the moon's bright ray
                               Am       E7    (trill b c#)
And told his tale in his own melodious way!
C7/E F       (G7/D C) G
He sang "Ah, well-a-day!"
       Em/G       G7    C
ALL He sang "Ah, well-a-day!"

The lowly vale for the mountain vainly sighed,
To his humble wail the echoing hills replied.
They sang "Ah, well-a-day!"

ALL They sang "Ah, well-a-day!"

            C                      (B°)
I know the value of a kindly chorus,
      E7                      Am
But choruses yield little consolation
             F         Bb°          F   A
When we have pain and sorrow too before us!
      (Dm)      A°                   G
I love -- and love, alas, above my station!
                G+                   Em             G7
BUT (aside). He loves -- and loves a lass above his station!
                  B7                B°             A°
ALL (aside). Yes, yes, the lass is much above his station!

[Natural key would be E]
(C B° C G7 G° C, G7 C) or, (low c, < c b a g f# f e g f e c b d c# d e c)
   C                        G7
A maiden fair to see, the pearl of minstrelsy,
Dm/A             C/G G
A bud of blushing beauty;
7   C          A7               Dm             E7/G#
For whom proud nobles sigh, and with each other vie
   Am      G/D    D7 G
To do her menial's duty.

       G/D             D G (or: d highd, c b a a g)
ALL: To do her menial's duty.

7 F°                        C6 C       C5b   C
A suitor, lowly born, with hopeless passion torn,
    G7          C° C
And poor beyond denying,
    7                         F   
Has dared for her to pine at whose exalted shrine
   Am/E    E7       Am
A world of wealth is sighing.
         C       Am    E7 Am G7
ALL. A world of wealth is sighing.

    C                      G   
Unlearned he in aught save that which love has taught
      Am          Dm   C G
(For love had been his tutor);
7    C/E       A7      G7/D               D°
Oh, pity, pity me--our captain's daughter she,
    C/G    D    G7 Am
And I that lowly suitor!
Oh, pity, pity me--our captain's daughter she,
    D7/G          G7 C (C B° C G7 G° C, G7 C) or, (low c, c b a g f# f e g f e c, b d c# d e c)
And he that lowly suitor!