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Posted By: chico
18-Sep-05 - 09:09 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Songs from HMS Pinafore
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Songs from HMS Pinafore

Am    Fm6 C/G    G7    C
He is an Englishman, behold him!
                  F       C
CHORUS: He is an Englishman!
    D7          G
He is an Englishman!
    C       G   7   C       (G)
For he himself has said it,
7       C       G7    C    (G)
And it's greatly to his credit,
7       F /D /C /A C (/D)
That he is an Englishman!

C/E    F C   D/A 7 G   (7)
That he is an Englishman!

       D7   (C)   D7 C   G   (/B /D)
For he might have been a Roosian,
A French, or Turk, or Proosian,
       C   6Am D7 G
Or perhaps Itali-an!
Or perhaps Itali-an!

But in spite of all temptations
To belong to other nations,
He remains an Englishman!
   G7 C Am C/E G/D      C /E G7 /F C
He remains---------- an Eng-----lishman!