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Posted By: Letty
19-Sep-05 - 10:00 AM
Thread Name: Eurogathering 2006 - Cork, EIRE
Subject: RE: Eurogathering 2006 - Cork, EIRE
Hostels in Cork (I plan to have the Saturday session in the city centre, but nothing has been booked yet):

Hope this is useful! Please don't inundate me with requests for floorspace. As much as I'd love to have you all in my place, I'm back to student accommodation (house-share), and so are most of my friends. This means I am NOT free to take in an unlimited number of guests. I do not mean to be unfriendly or a bad host, or that I don't care about money problems (join the club), it is just not possible!
The spaces I have (currently 5: 1 bed, 1 sofa, 3 air beds) will go to previous gathering organisers first. If they don't take them, I will 'advertise' them. So, so sorry! Will invite you all back when I'm rich and respectable ;-)