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Posted By: Chris Green
20-Sep-05 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: How do you tune a harp?
Subject: How do you tune a harp?
My girlfriend's just bought me a 27-string 40" harp for my birthday. I play guitar, bouzouki, mandolin and just about anything else with frets, but I've never played a nude piano before! I've just about worked out that the red strings are the root note of a scale and the blue strings are presumably the fourth interval above it, but I have no idea which scale I'm supposed to be tuning them to. Also the two highest courses (is that the right word) seem to have only six notes in as opposed to seven, so I'm now even more confused as there aren't enough notes to make a major or minor scale.

Is there anybody out there who can shed some light on this for me? I seem to remember that that red strings are C's, but beyond that I know bugger all about harps! Any help would be greatly appreciated and will result in the buying of a virtual pint for services rendered!

Thanks in advance


PS - There's a piccy of it here (it's the one without levers) Ta!