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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
21-Sep-05 - 08:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hurricane Rita, Mother Nature, & FEMA
Subject: RE: BS: Hurricane Rita, Mother Nature, & FEMA
Wood?!! My! Our house has two fireplaces. During winter, a cheery log burning on the grate helped warm us. Then my elder daughter, came home from school and informed us that we were guilty of poisoning the atmosphere, destroying the forests, and other crimes. The city enacted strict burning regulations (no outside fires except barbeques, essentially, no trash burning indoors or out). That was over thirty years ago. We haven't lit a fire since.
Now the wood and coal companies are gone and wood has become very expensive from fireplace specialists (still legal, but used only at Christmas).

A very few people with money (therefore they don't need it) supplement with the heat from the earth. Winters are dark here in Canada, so solar heat doesn't get you very far.
Our natural gas and heating oil purveyers are, of course, very happy fellers.

Single family home heating is wasteful. I sometimes visit Hutterite friends (Anabaptists, like Mennonites) at their Colony. They live in duplexes or (mostly) fourplexes, one family to a unit. Heating for groups of these houses is central; a gas furnace-heat exchanger set-up in an central underground room and fluids circulated underground by conduit to the buildings which have heated floors. Very efficient and comfy! Condo towers could be more efficient.