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Posted By: reeebop
02-Jan-00 - 04:08 PM
Thread Name: The father / son thing
Subject: RE: The father / son thing
i guess you'd call this the mother/daughter thing...but i'm 20 and have been living out of my mothers house since i was 15. we had been making plans for my partner and i to visit her place over christmastime for quite a while and about two days before we were going to leave she called up our apartment and said some rude things to my partner. next thing i knew my mother was telling me that she didn't want me to come visit if i brought her with me. i didn't know what to do so i waited until the morning of christmas eve and couldn't take it any longer. i just got us packed up and onto the next train out. when my mother saw me at the door she just started crying and i did too. we sat for a while and talked and tried to get things together between us. then she asked me where my partner was and i told her "waiting at the diner down the street" and she was like --what are we waiting for? let's go join her. and so we all sat together and tried to reconcile all of our differences and spent the whole night (which was christmas eve) drinking coffee and sharing stories from the last five years...

i guess what i'm trying to say is that anything is possible and that familiy is familiy.

well, i was my mother who proclaimed right before she burst into tears and started apologizing "CHRISTMAS WISHES CAN COME TRUE"