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Posted By: _gargoyle
02-Jan-00 - 09:37 PM
Thread Name: The father / son thing
Subject: RE: The father / son thing
Dear Jabjo,

So VERY sorry, (it is either your father or you....and it is PROBABLY you) most sons, around age 28-30, have this wonderful experience of moving from "son" to "very good friends" with their fathers. Too bad you missed it.

If you don't have the relationship you want with him ... MOVE ON!!! Don't sweat it!!

(BTW) ... WHY DID YOU POST THIS IN A Music Folk/Blues Forum???

The web is full of great self-help sections, I can't recommend any, but perhaps KL and WW can....(then again, perhaps they can't .... both seem to both have WRONG impression of the DT/MC for fulfilling their angsts.) PLEASE contact through the MC "personal E-Mail section"....(there have concerns expressed about "Bandwidth")

((sort of like the guest that "plugs" the toilet and sneaks out the door))

Dearst LaughCat -

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