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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
03-Jan-00 - 01:18 AM
Thread Name: The father / son thing
Subject: RE: The father / son thing
Is it not possible that, just as the dyslexia thread offered common ground,understanding and help to those Mudcatters who suffer that affliction, the father/son thread might also offer help to those who suffer another type of affliction? That through helping jabjo with his pain and insecurity regarding his relationship with his father, others afflicted similarly might learn and grow as well?

How are you,gargoyle, qualified to make these discriminations about what does and doesn't constitute a part of the creative process? I believe that what you object to is the "personal pain" aspect of this thread- someone is crying the blues about a personal problem, and you don't want to know. But instead of ignoring it, the amazing thing about you is you insist on commenting on it, using your sarcasm and anger as a weapon.You accomplish nothing when you do it, except the alienation of people who might otherwise find you a sympathetic, or at least interesting, character.

I have to say one thing,though. I do appreciate the dialogue, For too long you have had the nasty habit of attacking someone verbally,seemingly without provocation, and then disappearing. Maybe in future you will stand and defend your position, if your position is tenable.

(my apologies to jabjo and others for diverting this very interesting thread)LEJ