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Posted By: The Walrus
06-Oct-05 - 05:37 PM
Thread Name: Marching Songs (not cadences)
Subject: RE: Marching Songs (not cadences)
What cadence are they marching to?
Modern forces march at about 120 paces/min but, for instance, Georian and early Victorians went in for about 80 paces/min (easier to control a formation on broken ground).
Almost any singable tune (ok, maybe not 'patter' songs)can be adapted for marching, I've had a squad swining along quite happily to "A Little Bit of Cucumber" (1913 Music Hall number).
If you are marching slowly, try "The Agincourt Anthem" ('Our King came forth to Normandy etc') or even "Greensleeves".
"Lillibullero" would probably work for either cadence, as would "Over The Hills and Far Away" and "The Liconshire Poacher" was adapted as March , as was "D'Ye Ken John Peel".