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Posted By: Banjer
04-Jan-00 - 03:28 AM
Thread Name: Healing Circle, please --
Subject: RE: Healing Circle, please --
Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't, but if the health and recovery of an individual are at stake, what can it hurt to try? As with anything else that we cannot touch, see or feel, faith must be our guiding light. If one has such faith and can put it to good use for another, more power to them. If one does not believe or is skeptical, just ignore it! I was raised in the Lutheran faith, but I also think that there is some sort of metaphysical power at work when enough folks put their thoughts together. If this works for JU, let it be! If ever I encounter a hazard on the road of life, I hope there are as many caring folks in my corner. It may not do any physical good, but just the knowing they are rooting for me would boost the mental state!