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Posted By: wysiwyg
07-Oct-05 - 10:23 PM
Thread Name: MudCamp Dorm Open & Suggestion Box
Subject: RE: MudCamp Dorm Open & Suggestion Box

I made peace with my house this year. A few weeks ago I was expecting not only Catter company but my maw-in-law. Now, she is REALLY a clean housekeeper so I got things as ready as I could, so she'd be comfortable being around. We live on an old, dusty country road in an old, drafty farmhouse. Clean it, we do, but it never stays that way long.

And this is because I recently realized-- a clean house is not my first priority! A house with room for all sortsa people, that IS a priority. And that means keeping a house way too big for one person to take care of, instead of moving to a smaller and more expensive rental. This house was built for about 18 farm folks, half of them old enough to clean it all. Now it houses just two rapidly-geezifyin' people busy with ministries that are pretty time-consuming. And the occasional Catters who usually assure me that our house is cleaner'n theirs!

So here's the thing. If there is anything in my house that offends you, when you come to stay with us (or any clean-house priority you have in a bigger measure than I do), OK! Come to me privately and tell me your plan for resolving it. I'll be glad to point the way to the requisite cleaning supplies and equipment, in between tending to the other priorities in my life which are PEOPLE oriented! :~)

It's actually still pretty clean now, from the MIL visit, as we look forward to pre- and post-G'way company arriving soon.