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Posted By: dianavan
09-Oct-05 - 04:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: How low can you go?
Subject: RE: BS: How low can you go?
I don't escape the topic at any time, its just that they don't ask and I don't present the topic, its not part of the curriculum. If they were curious enough to ask, I'd present my views as objectively as possible.

On Remembrance Day, our school emphasizes Peace and the children are taught to show respect for the veterans that attend our assembly. Personally, I try to stay away from glorifying the military. Hopefully, they will find some other path to follow as adults. Keep in mind, my students are eight years old and younger.

We do not tolerate bullying on our school grounds, we emphasize effective, problem solving and help our students learn strategies for achieving solutions. We also stress accountability.

I am surprised that young boys in Ontario are so interested in Military history. How do you know that young children want to know about the military? Are you sure about that or are you making assumptions?

BTW - We have a zero tolerance policy for violence of any kind in our school, including illustrating violent actions. In my class, there is also a no weapons policy. That includes toy weapons and pretending to have weapons. They are not even allowed toy weapons as part of their Halloween costumes.