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Posted By: John Hardly
09-Oct-05 - 05:27 PM
Thread Name: Changing Keys in Middle Song: Best way?
Subject: RE: Changing Keys in Middle Song: Best way?
Many folks do what you're asking about quite simply...

to modulate a 1/2 step on a guitar, simply hold your left hand firmly on the last ringing chord and reach behind your held left hand and move the capo with your right hand.

Kysers are excellent for this, as they have the clamp-grip up high where your right hand can grab it.

There is also a rolling style capo that you can hook with your right hand and roll over the fret to the next half step.

The other possibility is to use partial chords -- just use the same chord shapes that you're already using and move them up a fret. In some cases you will only play the fretted strings either by only plucking those strings or by muting the open ones beside them. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how few ringing strings you need for effective accompaniment (Bucky Pizzarelli says that only the three strings that define a chord should be ringing for an accompaniest anyway).