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Posted By: dianavan
09-Oct-05 - 06:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: How low can you go?
Subject: RE: BS: How low can you go?
Charmion -

You said, " would always see at least some little kids racing around the playground with their arms outstretched and shouting "vroom, vroom", pretending to be CF-104 Starfighters and F4 Phantoms -- things they saw every day, things their parents worked with."

Which proves exactly the point I was trying to make. Interest in things military stems from their interest in the cultural which surrounds them. Children with little or no contact with military culture, aren't especially interested.

No, children in my school do not pretend " be CF-104 Starfighters and F4 Phantoms." Never seen it. If they did go "vroom vroom" and pretend to be planes, that would be fine. If they pretended to drop bombs it would not be O.K.

Comox and Esquimalt are pretty far from Vancouver. Its unlikely that students under eight years old even know the geographical location of these places (most of my students think that Vancouver is a country). It takes alot of teaching to explain cities, provinces and nations.

Of course children are interested in uniforms but if they do not see men in military uniforms, it is unlikely that they would recognize them as soldiers. All kinds of people wear uniforms and kids are no more interested in military uniforms than in any other uniform.

Canadian forces have much to be proud of, especially their peace keeping efforts. I hope that they will become interested and learn more about the Canadian peace-keeping forces around the world but in elementary school, they equate soldiers with war.

Sometimes, children who are refugees from war-torn countries, will illustrate their past experiences. Those experiences are usually traumatic and those drawings are allowed as a way for them to express their own personal history. Other than that, pretending to be engaged in violence is discouraged at school.