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Posted By: Don Firth
09-Oct-05 - 06:36 PM
Thread Name: Changing Keys in Middle Song: Best way?
Subject: RE: Changing Keys in Middle Song: Best way?
Chico, we know what was played on the lute 400 years ago because there was great deal of music written for the lute, including song accompaniments. See songs by Dowland and the many other Elizabethan era song writer / lutenists. The music (much of it in tablature and much in regular notation) still exists and is readily available for lutenists and guitarists alike. An internet search for "lute music" will turn up reams of Renaissance and Baroque music for the lute. Free to download. No copyright.

Also, musicians 400 years ago did not modulate or change keys in the middle of a piece. This we know for a fact. Such changes were rarely done until after J. S. Bach recommended the "equal temperment" system of tuning. This made it possible to modulate freely without the instruments sounding out of tune when in keys that were not adjacent to each other on the Circle of Fifths.

Don Firth