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Posted By: JohnInKansas
10-Oct-05 - 02:54 PM
Thread Name: HTML Stuff II
Subject: RE: HTML Stuff II
From your last:

sorry - one more test ...<br> <br> <I color=blue size=4>"A Patch of Blue"</I /font> <B>FILM</B> <P>

You're missing the "<font" at the beginning. You may have accidentally "selected" the start of the font tag, so it got overwritten when you tried to nest the <i> (italic) tag start? The closing tags </I /font> each need to be complete and separate - </i></font>.

<font color=blue size=4><i>"A Patch of Blue</i></font> <B>FILM</B>

"A Patch of Blue FILM

1. I assume you're aware that you can right click on the posted page and select "view source" to open what you actually posted in notepad. Since it opens the entire page, you'll probably have to search (Edit | Find or Ctl-F) for something in your post to find the individual post. Changing what's in notepad won't do anything much for you, since you can't save it back to the 'cat, although you can copy from there to paste into a new post.

2. The <br> tags are not necessary now at mudcat, since it recognizes paragraph breaks in posts. If you're practicing here to learn how to use HTML elsewhere, there's no real objection to including them.

3. You can save a lot of "broken posts" by clicking the preview box when you experiment. You'll see exactly what would have posted, but save yourself the notoriety of actually displaying your mistakes for everyone to see, since the preview won't actually be saved by the 'cat.

4. This thread started off as a very old one in the days before the 'cat started using "HTML Practice" threads, which are occasionally edited to remove old stuff. If you move your "practice" to one of the "HTML Practice" threads, your mistakes may eventually go away. You may believe me that a year from now your "learning efforts" can be quite an embarrassment when the whole world looks at them, so moving to a practice thread is highly recommended.

Try BS: Testing (HTML Practice)