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Posted By: dianavan
10-Oct-05 - 06:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: How low can you go?
Subject: RE: BS: How low can you go?
Any assumption I made was based on your own words, "...little kids racing around the playground with their arms outstretched and shouting "vroom, vroom", pretending to be CF-104 Starfighters and F4 Phantoms." Is that not a fascination with weapons?

BTW - This thread was supposed to be about why the U.S. military had lowered their expectations for recruits not about the benefits of the Canadian military. I am glad to hear that Canadian military are trained to honour the rules of the Geneva Convention. I expect as much.

I stand by statement that Canadian children, outside of the culture of the military, are not particularly fascinated by soldiers or military history.

I would also like to emphasize that zero tolerance for violence and weapons are a school policy and do not mean to reflect on the military directly.

...and yes, we focus on Peace, respect and effective problem-solving on Remembrance Day - not war (past or present).