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Posted By: GutBucketeer
04-Jan-00 - 08:11 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Electronic Tuner for Autoharp
Subject: RE: Help: Electronic Tuner for Autoharp
Yes to all of the above:

If you are looking for autoharp information join the cyberpluckers list. You can find out about it on

If you are looking for Autoharps on e-bay, be careful. The most sought (sp) after are Oscar Scmidt model B or C models that were made in the USA. This was before Oscar Scmidt started manufacturing them in Japan and then Korea.

Look for a good B model with a sound hole in it. B models have the aluminimum string anchor across the bottom. Ask and make sure that the bottom is not starting to pull out, and it is in good shape otherwise. If you find a good one with 15 chord bars, you can always change it to a 21 chord bar setup by buying a conversion kit for around $60. That is what I did, and it is highly recommended. The advantage of a 21 chord setup is it allows you to play in different keys and keep the pattern of chords that you push down the same.

If you want to spend more money a Custom Harp is the best. They are much louder and usually have more bass and better action. However, they also cost much more $$$. Fladmarks are very nice. Other custom harps are made by George Orthey and Timberline among others. Custom harps are very hard to find used.


Good luck and keep plucking!