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Posted By: Bruce O.
05-Nov-97 - 03:05 PM
Thread Name: Christmas songs
Subject: RE: Christmas songs
I would like to see song (and tune) "Past 3 O'clock", too. It might be connected to a tune "Past One (or 12) o'clock on a cold frostie morning". I've never found a song that fit this title. A crude version of the tune appeared in the ballad operas 'Flora' and 'The Beggars Wedding', but the tune had appeared earlier under the Gaelic title "Ta me ma Chullers na doushe me" (I am asleep and don't waken me) in the Neals' Dublin collection of 1724, and as "Chami ma chattle" in Stuart's music for Tea Table Miscellany, c 1726. Both English and Gaelic titles are found in several later Scots and Irish collections. Burke Thumoth, 12 Scotch and 12 Irish Airs, c 1744, gave the tune as an Irish one, but under the English title.